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Board of County Commissioners
Tuesday Current Agenda

Board of County Commissioners (“BOCC”) Meeting
Tuesday, September 02, 2014 9:00 AM
Centennial Hall Auditorium
200 S. Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Call to Order.

1.  Invocation.

2.  Pledge of Allegiance.

3.  Staff Emergency Items.

4.  Changes/Postponements/Notice of Next Meeting.

5.  Comments by Elected Officials and Commissioner Liaison Report(s).

6.  Public comment on items not scheduled on the agenda.

7.  Consent Calendar:

a.  Request consideration and approval of a resolution to approve a Temporary Construction Easement (TE-5) from Patricia L. Turner, related to the Shoup Road Culvert Replacement Project. (Jim Reid - Executive Director, Public Services Department/Andre Brackin - County Engineer, Public Services Department)

b.  Contracts & Procurement 2014 Regular Items: (Eileen Gonzales - Contracts and Procurement Manager)

1.  Award of a Services Contract and Purchase Order to Federal Records Management, LLC for movement of storage archive boxes (records) and other items from the current Records Center to the new Records Center located at the Citizens Service Center for the Support Services Department/Information Technology Division.  Award amount is not to exceed $89,470.00. (RFP 14-056).

2.  Purchase Order to Dell Marketing LP for purchase of mobile data computer systems for the Sheriff’s Office at a total cost of $46,086.12 (State Contract No.: 20511YYY30M/WSCA).

3.  Purchase order to Insight Public Sector Inc. for the purchase of Netwrix Auditor software and related support.  This software provides network security and operations support of El Paso County information technology infrastructure for the Support Services Department, Information Technology Division at a not to exceed cost of $96,975.00.  (State of Colorado Contract #20556YYY11M/WSCA)

8.  Called-Up Consent Calendar.

9.  Resolution to declare a Default against Falcon Storage, LLC for Breach of Contract, to authorize County Staff to execute on the Subdivision Bond and to authorize litigation, if necessary, in order to complete public improvements for Latigo Business Center Filing No. 1. (Lori Seago - Senior Assistant County Attorney)

10.  Request for review and approval of a resolution approving an Intergovernmental Agreement among El Paso County, Colorado, the City of Colorado Springs, the City of Manitou Springs, the City of Fountain, and the Town of Green Mountain Falls for the Creation of the Pikes Peak Regional Drainage Authority. (Kenneth Hodges – Assistant County Attorney)

11.  Second reading of a resolution to submit an advisory ballot question to the registered Electors of El Paso County residing within the proposed Pikes Peak Regional Drainage Authority regarding whether the electors support the formation of a drainage authority known as the Pikes Peak Regional Drainage Authority, which would include participation by the City of Colorado Springs, El Paso County, the  City of Manitou Springs, the City of Fountain and the Town of Green Mountain Falls, and which would impose a fee on real property for the purpose of funding regional stormwater needs. (Continued from August 26, 2014.) (Kenneth Hodges - Assistant County Attorney/Lori Seago - Senior Assistant County Attorney)

12.  Second reading of a Resolution to approve a ballot question for the November 2014 Coordinated Election asking, for the purposes of funding regional parks, trails, nature centers and open spaces and restoring parks facilities and trails damaged by fires and floods, whether El Paso County should be permitted to retain and expend revenue collected in 2013 in excess of annual spending limits established by TABOR. (Nicola Sapp - County Budget Officer/Lori Seago - Senior Assistant County Attorney)

13.  Department and Committee Reports/Non Action Item:

a.  Presentation on Dolly Parton's Imagination Library to the El Paso County Commissioners. (Jeff Greene - County Administrator/Paula Munger - Director of Imagination Library, Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, PPUW)

b.  Other.

14.  Addendum.

15.  Executive Session

a.  Executive Session pursuant to C.R.S. § 24-6-402(4)(b) and (e) regarding EEOC complaints filed by members of the Sheriff’s Office and pending notices of claim against the Sheriff’s Office requiring internal investigation of County systems, including:

1.  Conference with the County Attorney’s Office for the purpose of receiving legal advice on specific legal questions; and

2.  determining positions relative to matters that may be subject to negotiations; developing strategy for negotiations; and instructing negotiators. (Diana May - Senior Assistant County Attorney/Raymond Deeny, Esq. - Sherman & Howard)

b.  Other.



BOCC meeting agendas, backup materials and meeting results as well as archived agendas and audio recordings of BOCC meetings are available free of charge on the County's website at  Backup materials for agenda items may be publicly viewed in the Reader’s file located in the Office of the BOCC.

The live audio/video may be accessed at

The BOCC may recess for lunch if consideration of agenda items extends beyond the morning session.  A time to reconvene and complete discussion of the scheduled items will be announced.

Audio and audio/video copies of the record may be purchased by contacting the El Paso County Clerk & Recorder’s Office at (719) 520-6430.